About Me: Lefty Creative, Ideas Factory, Alien Deity...

Mancinism™ is the name I registered my company under back in 2010 once I escaped homelessness, it's the state of left-handedness / left-sidedness...as a company / movement, Mancinism™ means going against the grain, being a non-conformist, challenging stigmas, breaking down barriers and more... I, as an individual call myself 1 Man Army, as I have many facets to my creativity, from the drawing to the chopping board, from mouse pointer to ball-point pen. Being highly resourceful and with various relationships with printers / suppliers manufacturers around the UK,  I can provide a

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wide range of different creative services...Aside from the creative / business side of things, I have affinities for being a carer, youth worker and a general community person, known to have worked with the vulnerable, substance abuse issues, anti-gun & knife crime and more...

Not just another creative, not even just another left-handed creative, but one that is passionate about real life issues and social causes such as Equality & Diversity, the Youth and the Elderly and have contributed to various communities...I can't help but make these ethics a part of my everyday practice, as it's a big part of my being. ​I'm more about providing a service above and beyond what's expected, rather than focusing on profit, I'm driven by my inherited skills, not money...people before profitAddicted to exerting my creativity and believe it should be shared among those who need, value and appreciate the craft. Unlike most designers, if the world collapses and technology or electricity fails, my left hand can still produce artwork...


Testimonials / Yell Reviews:


Asinati C.I.C & Pan African Book Foundation rave on their positive working experience with 1ManArmy

Absolutely amazing, 5 star service, prompt responses, fast turn around and grade A* quality work. We will always return to 1 Man Army for our design needs as we know we always rely on an excellent service and high quality production of work.


Fabulous T-Shirts; Excellent Service

It has been a real pleasure working with Win'. We wanted some t-shirts printed with our FKFD (Friends of Kinik Forest Dogs) logo on the front. When Win' saw our logo he suggested we make a few minor changes to make it more uniform in size and to change the text to give more impact and to make it visually more appealing. Wow, what a difference, and now our logo looks so professional. I watched the first t-shirt being printed as Win' wanted to make sure the logo was placed correctly and I was happy with how it looked. I said 5” from the neck, Win' said "no, it needs to be no more than 4”!" So glad I listened to his expertise as it was just perfect. The rest of the job was completed quickly and all the t-shirts look amazing.😊



I recently asked Win' to design some new business cards for me. From initial discussions to the finished article, the process was made easy for me. I love the final design and Win' really managed to capture the ideas I threw out and made the cards look fantastic.

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