Left & Write: various expressions of my own creative writing.

It has become apparent that my writing style is well liked among local friends to international bloggers, so I think it's only right that I make my writing available to all.

DISCLAIMER: By viewing / purchasing any of the written pieces, you agree to not commit plagiary, any unlawful use will result in legal action.

Free Poetry: I've always enjoyed wordplay and writing creatively, in my younger years I used to get asked by family to write their greeting cards for them...maturing and experiencing homelessness brings many expressions to the surface, giving me a different outlook on life...I hope you enjoy an insightful look into my very personal experiences...

BLACK-NESS - April 2006: Analysing the negative connotations around the word 'Black'.

PATERNAL BRANCHES CONNECTED - May 2006: Inspired by meeting my estranged 'father', after not knowing him for 30 years! We initially met on The Trisha Show.

FLOODING THOUGHTS - July 2006: Inspired by the sudden switch from urban London to rural and swamping Tewkesbury.

PREMATURITY - November 2008: Being surrounded by youth, brainwashed into thinking they need to live up to society's / media's standard of beauty, was more than enough to prompt this piece.

ANIMAL WRITES - January 2009: Inspired by learning the inhumane practises of the mainstream meat industry...

HOME BITTERSWEET HOME - October 2009: Inspired by the seemingly inescapable trap of homelessness, this poem featured on the outside back cover of THE MAG (revamped by me).